The Baby Goat

Kennst du eigentlich "The Baby Goat"? - Mit diesen Worten begann eine biergeschwängerte Nacht und die Jagd nach einer nicht existierenden Kneipe und damit die Geschichte von "The Baby Goat".
Chris und Thomas sind Freunde mit einer Vorliebe für Bier und die Kneipenkultur. Ein paar Jahre Brau-Erfahrung und Tagträumen später, hat sie genau diese Geschichte zur Einführung ihrer Biermarke und zur Eröffnung des "The Baby Goat" BrewPubs hier in ihrer Wahlheimat Hamburg gebracht. Die beiden freuen sich schon darauf Euch kennenzulernen um zu sehen, wo sie diese Geschichte noch hinführen wird.

The Baby Goat
Warum seid ihr gerne Gastgeber des HHBW?

We actually opened our doors during the first HHBW so it has a particular meaning for us. We’re a proud part of the Hamburg beer community, and always keen to be part of something which can promote that. The last year has of course been a challenge for everyone and not offered so many chances to celebrate that community together, so this event is even more special this year.

Was macht für euch Hamburg zur Bierstadt?

The people & the variety. For us there’s nothing better than grabbing a quick beer with a mate, and that can be just as good in the pub, at home on the sofa, at the football or on the street corner. We’ve consistently met great people on our relatively short journey to date and we look forward to meeting more along the way.

Was ist euer Programm?

Mittwoch 25.08.:
17:30 - 18:30 Uhr: The Baby Goat Afterwork - Celebrate the middle of the week and start of a long beer weekend! Between 17:30 - 18:30 - Buy a beer and get a free one for your buddy.

Donnerstag 26.08.:
18:30 Uhr: Pie & Beer Night - Who loves a pie? We'll be offering a special deal on our yummy pies served with a HH Beer Week beer.

Freitag: 27.08.:
19:00 Uhr - spät: 90s Night - 90s bangers all night, and a little surprise for anyone rocking some retro 90s gear.

Samstag 28.08.
13:00 - 15:00: The Baby Goat Lunch Club - The perfect way to get the weekend going. Set your 'Grundlage' with a hearty lunch and 3 fresh beers.
15:30 - 20:00: Hamburg Ladder Ball Championships - The annual event celebrating a game of skill and strategy. Enter your team of 2-4 people for a chance to win the title. Everyone wins a prize. Only one can be the champ.

Sonntag, 29.08.
13:00 - 15:00: Sunday Session - Shake off the woolly-headed feeling with your buddies. A big brunch, coffee, juice and 3-beer tasting flight to get you back feeling Goat.